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 "I heard the Whoopi show on
  the radio this morning and
  I`m very impressed with
  your gift."
- Martha  

from Joan Marie
Sunlight Meditation

"This meditation will help you experience inner peace and healing"

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New program starts March 26th

You, too, can read invisible energy as you gain an in-depth insight into your business situations and your personal life experiences. There are many layers of Intuition and this program will explore them all.

I am offering an in depth Master Intuitive Interactive Series on Awakening the Power of Your Intuition. One of the first truths that we will discuss is that your intuition is a free gift to you from your Creator so it stands to reason when I say: “All the answers that you need to know are already within you.” If you are finding it difficult to recognize where your Intuition begins and where your Ego Minds tricks you, then you just might want to take this program and gain the wisdom needed to make the right choices. This New Series Program will teach you how to develop—strengthen and enhance your Intuitive Abilities.

Joan Marie Whelan
LIVE on the Ricki Lake Show!

"This book is about discovering the truth – healing from the past – and transformational change. What you will experience within the pages of this book will touch your heart and life forever. You will want to read Soul Discovery over and over again to make sure you get ever drop of magic that this books contains. You'll love it. I did!"

Have a most outstanding day!

Kurek Ashley - International best selling author of
"How would Love respond?"

You can save and order this bundle here

"Joan Marie's book is full of fresh ideas. I feel like I have a treasure in my hands when I'm reading it and I don't want to put it down. I'm so grateful that Joan Marie wrote this book! "

Tracy Wallace

"I would recommend Joan Marie’s book to anyone that is not reaching their goals. I have been letting my dreaded limiting beliefs stop me in my tracks. Thanks to Joan's book I was able to recognize the patterns of my behavior. While reading Joan's book it's almost as if she is talking directly to me. I am thankful that I now know the steps that I need to take to become the powerhouse that I know I can be "

Julie Barnes, KS

Dear Friend:

Since birth, I have been blessed with my Gifts of Intuition and Mediumship. I have the ability to look within your Soul and in two seconds literally tell you the root of your problem.

Whether we are on the phone, in person or you are writing to my
Straight Talk E-News, I can help “YOU.”

I can help you get to the solution of what and why you have not been able to reach your life’s potential.

My mission and intention is to be of service to you and teach you the “HOW” to create the lifestyle that you desire.

  1. You want good health---you can have it.
  2. You want more money, wealth and freedom—I can show you how.
  3. You want deeper relationships and the ability to feel fulfilled—together we can manifest this into your life.

“My purchase and use of this CD series was my first of several personal investments I made to improve and better myself and most importantly,
heal myself.

The How to Tap Into Your Intuitive Powers teaches YOU to discover the wonderful and positive characteristics of YOU and how YOU can use your own mindset skills to achieve anything and everything you desire to achieve. Joan Marie takes it one step further by including a comprehensive workbook that really challenges you with deep thought questions and written exercises, all with the goal of helping you discover
and realize your Authentic Self.”

Through “How to Tap into Your Intuitive Powers” you will learn to re-awaken your intuition at your own pace, fitting into your own schedule and in a very affordable way.

Christine B

Be honest with yourself—the power is already in you. I can show you how to access this power and teach you to implement and strategize your personal system. This is proven.

The system that I use is personalized to meet your needs. I do not believe in categorizing individuals. That is why when you work with me, you will know the outcome is designed to match your desires. The solution is to remove blockages in your life that have been the cause of problem so you can heal and create the lifestyle that will allow you to experience the abundance and wealth that is your desire and the ultimate solution.

To experience wealth and success in your life and enjoy the
lifestyle that you dream about requires

building a solid foundation

staying focused, informed and enlightened

reinforcing your efforts by your continual commitment to excellence

staying focused, informed and enlightened

Each one of us has the innate intuitive ability to tap into our intuition.
Our intuition is a powerful tool when utilized on a continual basis will help you live a life with the abundance and joy that the Universe has freely supplied.

I invite you to take a look at several dynamic programs I have created to help you gain personal and professional freedom and transform your life—your business—your relationships—your health—your career.

My tools and strategies will show you how to attract more wealth and success as you re-direct and cultivate your mindset--your vision and your performance. You can examine all my programs and services here contact my office if you need help deciding which ones are best for you. At (941)-954-9001.

My wide range of products are available to help you stay on track and support your growth and awakening. I invite you to see all of my products here and read some of the reviews from friends like you who have benefited from their continual use.

Joan Marie, Your Intuition Girl


Cancellation Policy: 72 hour notice is required to re-schedule an appointment unless it was an extreme emergency. There are no refunds on missed or cancelled appointment. We will gladly re-schedule an appointment as soon as possible according to Joan Marie's availability.

We have no cancellation policy for any programs after the first 72 hours that you sign up and or make payment. If you choose to withdraw from any program after the initial 72 hours time frame, you forfeit all monies that you gave to Joan Marie Whelan and or her Company or My Serenity House,LLC

All products are checked prior to being shipped.

All product lines are exchangable if damaged upon receipt, otherwise, all sales are final. If you accidentally ordered the wrong product, we will work with you so you are satisfied. You must first call the office at (941)-954-9001 to receive authorization to return any merchandise or program. Please Note: There is a $30.00 service fee on all cancellations and/or returns or credit card declines and the shipping and handling fee will not be reimbursed.

Defective Items: If an item you receive is damaged or defective in any way, we will be glad to replace it. Call us at (941)-954-9001 between 10am and 4pm EST Time or send an email to so we can coordinate returning your defective item and delivering a replacement.

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