Joan Marie's New Program for Everyday Living
A New Intuition Coaching
Program for 2014

You, too, can read invisible energy as you gain an in-depth insight into your business situations and your personal life experiences. There are many layers of Intuition and this program will explore them all.

The New Year will be here before you know it—so if you do not plan to make some positive changes in your life NOW—you will continue to have more of the same old results.

To become the master of your life requires you to tap into your Intuitive talents. We all possess these talents but most of us have allowed them to be buried at an early age and consequently, we have forgotten they exist. It is very much like buried treasure. We all seek the mysteries of life—but we have no clue where to look.

I am offering an in depth 5 Month Master Intuitive Interactive Series on Awakening the Power of Your Intuition. One of the first truths that we will discuss is that your intuition is a free gift to you from your Creator so it stands to reason when I say: “All the answers that you need to know are already within you.” If you are finding it difficult to recognize where your Intuition begins and where your Ego Minds tricks you, then you just might want to take this program and gain the wisdom needed to make the right choices. This New 5-Month Series Program will teach you how to develop—strengthen and enhance your Intuitive Abilities.

  • YOU will get a downloadable audio of each class—don’t worry, if you miss one class, you will have instant access to the calls over and over again and you can always re-listen at your pace.

  • YOU will have access to me – as you grow and become more intuitive, you will be able to make some awesome decisions and choices to enhance your life.

  • YOU will gain insight and wisdom that always tells you the truth and never lies.

  • YOU will receive a downloadable workbook that will be utilized throughout this series program that will compliment the lectures and give you additional material to add to your tool box of life-changing experiences

  • YOU will be qualified to get your Certification and designation: “Intuitive Lifestyle Coaching Professional (ILCP) after you take and pass the required written exam.

Start preparing for 2014 NOW and make
this New Year a priority in your life.

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This program will help you:
  • To use your intuition properly so as to become a master in your daily life

  • To understand the essence of what true clarity really means through your intuition

  • To learn to focus on your desired outcome not the process

  • To claim the experience you want to have by purifying your emotions
Most of us have forgotten how to
Tap into our Intuitive Power.

  • Have you ever asked yourself why others around you always seem to get what they want and no matter how hard you try, something happens and you have to start over?

  • Have you ever felt that you've followed the wrong path and you don't know how to get back?

  • Do you have a critical mind which affects you and your actions?

  • Do you wish you could wake up and spend your days feeling extraordinary?

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